Mountain States Solar Power installs both new roofing and solar energy generating systems, but our success lies in the maintenance and repair services for existing solar panels and PV systems.

If you’ve moved recently and purchased a home with existing panels, or if you purchased a solar system in the past few years and haven’t yet had it serviced, it’s time to call the experts at Mountain States Solar Power.

We have the experience and technology to keep your system functioning at maximum capacity, year after year.

Solar Panel Inspection and Maintenance

Although solar power is highly reliable, year in and year out, it is nevertheless very important to have your system routinely inspected. Your panels may simply need to be cleaned, pigeon-proofed or inspected for rodent damage.

When you schedule a system inspection, rest assured that we will send a certified electrician and solar specialist who understands high voltage, three-phase power and industrial electrical systems. Your technician will analyze the system with cutting-edge tools, in order to pinpoint specifically which panels need maintenance or repair.

Our electricians have extensive experience, so they can determine your specific needs for repair and maintenance. As a result, any needed repairs can be completed quickly and correctly.

Maintenance is the key to sustaining a strong, properly functioning, efficient and effective system, and to extending the life of your panels. Cleaning is perhaps the most important part of system maintenance and stability. The dustier your area, the more frequently you are advised to have your panels inspected. This makes sure that dirt, grime, bird droppings and debris do not block your panels from absorbing the sun.

As a solar panel owner, you want to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck, and that your panels are performing at their maximum capacity. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help you do just that and save energy to boot!